We're Cartera. We make shopping more rewarding, for consumers and businesses alike. How? We partner with leading companies who offer their customers loyalty programs. We then give their customers a chance to earn even more of the miles, points or cash back they want by shopping with over 900 retailers they already know and love.

How it works.

Let's pretend customer Jane wants to go to Hawaii. It's her dream trip.

Jane's a frequent flyer and is patiently earning miles through her business trips.

Enter Cartera. We partner with Jane's airline to help her earn even more miles by doing what she already does anyway: shopping online.

Jane visits her airline's shopping website (powered by us) and clicks through to any store she wants.

She fills her cart, completes her transaction and earns valuable miles, bringing her closer to her dream trip to Hawaii. Aloha, Jane. Aloha.

A selection of our Loyalty Partners

We are partnered with 4 of the top 10 card issuers, 5 of the top 6 airlines and over 900 retailers

We make people happy.

Think about it. If you're a consumer getting rewarded to do the shopping online you'd normally do anyway, you're happy. If you're a business with a loyalty program and your customers are earning rewards like gangbusters, redeemable through your company only, you're happy. And if you're a retailer seeing new customers and an increase in revenue, you're happy. Man, we love our job.

Our partnerships
are strong.

From major airlines to top banks, we partner with many highly respected companies who use loyalty programs to reward their customers handsomely. But we take this loyalty to the next level. We strengthen these relationships, and keep our partner's brand ever-present, by offering their customers even more ways to earn rewards. We want customers to go beyond booking flights and using credit cards. We want them to shop with our online stores through our Cartera-run, partner-branded websites and earn crazy amounts of rewards. The more rewards, the more interaction between customer and brand. And that's a beautiful thing.

Our retail connections are many.

We not only partner with major airlines and top banks, but we have strong retail relationships too. It's these relationships that allow us to offer customers such amazing online shopping deals. But customers aren't the only ones to benefit. If you're one of our over 900 (and counting) online stores, you now have an influx of new revenue. Why? Because we deliver your targeted deals directly to a brand-new customer base. And on top of your deal, remember, these fabulous customers will earn rewards when they shop with you. Can you say motivated shopper?

How we do the things
we do.

Not only do we make shopping more rewarding for customers, build brand loyalty for our partners and increase revenue for our retailers, but we also build and maintain the shopping sites, reward-tracking systems and marketing communications for our clients. As a venture-backed company, we pride ourselves on using our capital to boldly invest in the newest technologies that drive even bigger results for our clients. Here's some of our thinking and the technology that makes it all possible:

Mobility is key.

It's a mobile world. We make sure customers can shop our sites - and get rewarded - from anywhere. Our web and mobile applications are constantly evolving. HTML5 and JavaScript help us build great experiences. Responsive web design is a must. And native app technologies deliver our innovative mobile experiences to customers, wherever they may be.

We're not shy.

Some customers don't know how rewarding shopping can be. We'll tell them. We use leading marketing-services technologies to engage large volumes of customers and prospects alike. And our applications and advanced integration technologies, like Mule ESB, allow us to interact with customers in real-time. So as soon as they get rewarded, we'll let them know.

Customers want deals. Boy, have we got them.

By working with over 900 online stores, we give our partners and their customers a broad-reaching offer network. To make our network more accessible, we've wrapped it in a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that drives innovation for our partners and us. These APIs are using WSO2's API Manager to ensure the API experience runs smoothly and securely.

We do our homework.

Sure, we deliver offers to customers hand-over-fist. But we don't give them out willy-nilly. We use leading analytic technologies, like Vertica and Tableau, to study the habits and needs of customers. We call it Benefit-Driven Analytics and the results allow us to reward customers even more and laser focus on what's best for our partners.

Rewards promised. Rewards delivered.

There's no gray area here. If a customer shops and earns rewards, they'll get them. Our transaction-processing engine is built on a combination of technologies like PHP and Java, so as soon as a customer completes their purchase, our technology performs with industry-leading accuracy to credit their rewards account.

Retail-friendly technology.

Our vast network of online stores benefit from our technology too. We've created an optimized retailer experience with a purpose-built content management system written in PHP. It's the same platform that delivers all those great deals to our customers.

Work here. Reward people.
Feel good.

If you've liked what you've seen so far, come work with us. Our employees are our most valuable assets - they are Cartera. We want you to succeed and go far here. Our dynamic environment let's you be you, while still collaborating toward team success. We want fun, proactive, high-energy individuals to join us in making people happy.

And speaking of happy.

Are you an exercise buff?
We're located right across from Minuteman Park in Lexington, MA. Go for a walk or jog at lunch and use our locker rooms afterward.

How about a bite to eat?
Enjoy some complimentary fresh fruit and snacks. Or visit the onsite café for lunch.

Tired of paying to park your car?
We have free parking every day. Now if only we could do something about your pesky insurance premiums.

We also offer the following benefits:

Medical Plan
Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
Dental Plan
Vision Plan
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Life Insurance
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
401(k) Retirement Plan
Tuition Reimbursement
Maternity Leave
Paid Time Off


Tom Beecher

As CEO, Tom leads Cartera with a singular vision-to make our platform reach its full potential, creating enhanced loyalty for our bank and airline partners, introducing new customers to our retailers, and making shopping more rewarding for millions of consumers. Formerly serving as CEO of Imagitas and a consultant at Bain & Co., Tom is a model of contemporary corporate leadership. Outside the office, Tom keeps active, frequently hitting the slopes with his family in Vermont and Utah.

Tom Beecher

President, CEO

Tim Spaulding

As an architect, Tim works with the marketing, analytics and corporate systems in our business, defining approaches and patterns in our system design and developing packaging standards for our engineers. Whether it's in a whitewater raft or river kayak, Tim is most content when drifting down a river on a beautiful day.

Tim Spaulding

Enterprise Architect

Karen Cambray

Karen comes to Cartera with an impressive financial background, having spent twenty years in executive finance roles for several early-stage tech start-ups. Before coming to Cartera, Karen served as CFO and Vice President of Operations at Zeemote and as CFO of Groove Mobile. At Cartera, she is responsible for all-things finance, including accounting, legal and human resources. Karen was recently honored as CFO of the year by the Boston Business Journal.

Karen Cambray


Anamika Sengupta

As the Manager of Customer Care, Anamika plays an essential role in ensuring clear communication and issue resolution with many of our partners. Outside of work, she can be found enjoying Indian music, a good movie or the occasional Cadbury Egg.

Anamika Sengupta

Manager, Customer Care

Marc Mazzone

Heading up business development and partnership management, Marc plays an essential leadership role in the continuing success of Cartera. With over 20 years of experience in advertising sales, marketing communications and client services, he is responsible for directing the sourcing and merchandizing of all offers Cartera hosts over its platforms. Outside the office, Marc loves to practice and perfect his gourmet cooking, making delicious meals for family and friends.

Marc Mazzone

SVP Partnerships

Erin Warren

Erin Warren is responsible for all Cartera's marketing initiatives, helping to engage more online shoppers every day. Specializing in digital marketing, she has previously served as CMO of CollegeWeekLive, and as Vice President of Channel Marketing for Sallie Mae. Erin is also a two time Olympian, having competed in the Women's Luge in the 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympics. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the U.S. Luge Association.

Erin Warren

SVP Marketing

Brian Michon

Driving Cartera's technology strategy, Brian brings an incredible background of innovation and invention to Cartera. With degrees in computer science from both MIT and Stanford, he's served as VP of engineering at Intuit, leading the development of game-changing products like TurboTax and Quickbooks. At Cartera, Brian leads the company's development, operations and solution delivery teams. During his down time, you'll likely find him fiddling about with his many boats.

Brian Michon


Andrew Ambroise

With over 7 years of quality engineering management experience, Andrew is a key player in making sure our partners' customers have a seamless shopping experience. He's also the impassioned coach of his son's basketball team and a generous web developer for family and friends' businesses.

Andrew Ambroise

Director of S.W. Quality Engineering

Mary Beth Bell

With a career-long track record of developing domestic and international loyalty programs, Mary Beth (a.k.a. MB) heads our Relationship Management team, leading efforts to plan, implement and reach the goals of Cartera's many partners. Prior to Cartera, MB served in leadership roles at LoyLogic, CauseLoyalty and Upromise. When asked about her passions, she'll tell you they're reading a good book, nice beaches, and enjoying a fine cheese or two.

Mary Beth Bell

VP Relationship Management

Danielle Connor

As DMO, Danielle heads up merchandising strategy at Cartera, leading the Merchandising Operations team and constantly seeking new initiatives for revenue growth. In her free time, you'll often find her taking her son and two bulldogs (Lincoln and Zoe) out for long walks.

Danielle Connor

Senior Director, Merchandising Operations

Cody Wood

With over 16 years of experience in web development, Cody wears many hats at Cartera, working on everything from UI development to business logic and databases. Additionally, if you ever feel the need to discuss old school, cheesy martial arts flicks, Cody is your guy.

Cody Wood

Staff Engineer

Ethan Flaherty

As general counsel, Ethan Flaherty oversees all Cartera's operational legal matters including licensing, purchasing, marketing and vendor agreements. With a JD from Georgetown University and more than 15 years of private law firm experience representing high tech, middle market and Fortune 500 companies, Ethan is an invaluable leader and resource to Cartera. Outside work, Ethan is always trying new things: everything from new restaurants to home brewing to skydiving.

Ethan Flaherty

VP General Counsel

Carolyn Bartlett

Carolyn has many responsibilities at Cartera, chief among them ensuring all content in our programs is accurate, up-to-date and entered properly. She is also one of Cartera's formidable athletes, having competed in the Disney Marathon (a whimsical but challenging run) on more than one occasion.

Carolyn Bartlett

Merchandising Manager

Manodnya Lele

Manodnya is one of Cartera's talented back office software engineers, working on enhancing and maintaining our processing systems. Outside the office you might find her taking part in a Bollywood dance concert, and if not that, definitely a rock-solid afternoon nap.

Manodnya Lele

Software Engineer

Shradha Jalan

Working with large and dirty data sets, Shradha uncovers many of the insights that inform marketing strategy and business growth for Cartera and our partners. She's also an outspoken foodie and will likely not stop until she's sampled all the world's cuisines.

Shradha Jalan

Senior Data Analyst

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