Not only do we make shopping more rewarding for customers, build brand loyalty for our partners and increase revenue for our retailers, but we also build and maintain the shopping sites, reward-tracking systems and marketing communications for our clients. As a venture-backed company, we pride ourselves on using our capital to boldly invest in the newest technologies that drive even bigger results for our clients. Here’s some of our thinking and the technology that makes it all possible

Mobility is key.

It’s a mobile world. We make sure customers can shop our sites - and get rewarded - from anywhere. Our web and mobile applications are constantly evolving. HTML5, JavaScript and API based architecture help us build great experiences. Responsive web design is a must. And native app technologies deliver our innovative mobile experiences to customers, wherever they may be.

We're not shy.

Some customers don’t know how rewarding shopping can be. We’ll tell them. We use leading marketing-services technologies to engage large volumes of customers and prospects alike. And our applications and advanced integration technologies, like Mule ESB and RabbitMQ , allow us to interact with customers in real-time. So as soon as they get rewarded, we’ll let them know.

Customers want deals. We got them.

By working with over 900 online stores, we give our partners and their customers a broad-reaching offer network. To make our network more accessible, we’ve wrapped it in a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that drives innovation for our partners and us. These APIs are using 3Scale API Manager to ensure the API experience runs smoothly and securely.

We do our homework.

Sure, we deliver offers to customers hand-over-fist. But we don’t give them out willy-nilly. We use leading analytic technologies, like Everage, Optimizely, Vertica and Tableau, to study the habits and needs of customers. We call it Benefit-Driven Analytics and the results allow us to reward customers even more and laser focus on what’s best for our partners.

Rewards promised. Rewards delivered.

There’s no gray area here. If a customer shops and earns rewards, they’ll get them. Our transaction-processing engine is built on a combination of technologies like Mule ESB and Java, so as soon as a customer completes their purchase, our technology performs with industry-leading accuracy to credit their rewards account.

Retail-friendly technology.

Our vast network of online stores benefit from our technology too. We’ve created an optimized retailer experience with a purpose-built content management system. Up-to date advertising and deals content syndicated by our internal advertising team is updated throughout the day and delivered to the consumers and partners in real time via Content APIs.

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