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Deliver the Right Offers to the Right Customers

Cartera's sophisticated offer targeting engine delivers the most relevant offers to each consumer - to drive engagement and revenue.

Creating a Win-Win-Win with Targeting

Once we've determined the best set of offers for your card-linked marketing program and linked them to your members' cards or accounts, it's time to start targeting-because not all offers are a good fit for all consumers. Putting the right offer in front of each person, at the right time in the right channel, makes everybody a winner:
  • Consumers get the deals they need and want the most
  • Card issuers and loyalty programs enjoy higher program revenues and card spend
  • Merchants reap higher engagement and advertising performance
Your program and customers are unique - so Cartera customizes your targeting strategy with the optimal mix of content optimization, segmentation, card targeting and personalization.

Offer Management and Optimization
Targeting Programs
Targeting starts with making sure the key information about an offer and its creative content is managed and optimized for your individual program. Cartera's dedicated offer optimization team carefully creates, reviews, and manages each offer in our system. All variables are tested, tuned, and measured, including offer wording, image displays and locations, and placement on your branded Web portal.

Targeting Relevant Consumers
Your customers span a range of segments-some explicitly defined by you, and some not. With Cartera's segmentation, you can create different offer experiences for different customer segments. For example, each customer tier (elite members vs. business cardholders) may require unique offers, rewards, program constructs, branding and user experiences. Cartera's built-in reporting helps fine-tune these strategies by closely monitoring engagement and transactions, segment by segment.

Targeting Active Shoppers
Personalizing offers based on each shopper's active interests is the final step in targeting. As customers browse offers in your marketing channels, Cartera's powerful self-learning personalization technology dynamically displays offers based on their demographic profiles and behavior, such as merchants they've shopped with, active category browsing and searches, current-session clickstream and other variables.

And just like today's shopping journey, Cartera's personalization engine crosses channels, so a female cardholder in Vermont who shops online for dog beds at Orvis may see an offer for L.L.Bean in a subsequent email, while a male from Oklahoma who shops at Sears may see an offer from Home Depot.

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