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Incremental Revenue and Customer Loyalty - Risk-Free

Cartera's expert services team helps manage your card-linked offer program from end to end to maximize performance and results

Performance Model Aligned For Success

Our success depends upon your success - and that's great news for your program. Cartera is heavily invested in ensuring that your program delivers the results you expect, and our performance-based business model fully aligns success metrics with every client. Since we operate on a revenue-share basis with our card issuer and loyalty program partners, as well as our merchant advertisers, our teams carefully monitor the performance of every program and provide a range of complimentary and extended services to drive success of the program and deliver on your key business objectives.

Implementation Services & Methodology
Custom, Integrated Programs Specific to Your Needs
Cartera's team works closely with yours through program strategy, design, configuration, launch and optimization. Our experience allows us to easily and efficiently adapt to your needs.

Scalable, Secure Technical Operations
Your IT Team Can Rest Easy
With redundant, bi-coastal SAS70 data centers, and millions of transactions and 20 million products and offers processed daily, our team has it covered. We'll take care of technical maintenance of all components of your Cartera solution.

Merchant Services & Offer Management
Plug-In Modules from our Offer Cloud
From merchant and offer sourcing, to merchant management and ad sales, we handle everything end-to-end, so you can easily configure your desired mix. We'll handle all the details, letting your team focus on the big picture.

Consumer Marketing & Client Services
Supplement Your Marketing Team or Rely on Us
Our email marketing, analytics, testing & targeting are best-in-class, and your Account Manager will champion your program every step of the way. Tiered customer care supplements your team to easily solve service questions.

Financial Operations Services
Worry-free Payment and Reconciliation
Cartera handles direct merchant collections and all fixed payment processes, including end-to-end reconciliation with click-level auditability. Rest assured we'll track every offer, purchase and award - so you can focus on results.

Unique Programs for Unique Cards

We understand that in today's intensely competitive market, every card and loyalty program needs to differentiate itself. That's why each implementation of the Cartera card-linked offer platform - and all services provided to run that platform - is managed distinctly and separately. Each card issuer and loyalty program has a different Project Manager, Technical Account Manager, and Client Services Manager. Competitive cards never share the same managers, and information between these programs is never shared. With Cartera's comprehensive set of marketing modules and flexible card-linked platform at your disposal, you can define and build a program and consumer experience that is unique, differentiated, and successful in meeting your business goals.

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