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Cartera's offer cloud links fully-funded, high-value offers, tracks purchases, automatically provides rewards to consumers and monitors program performance

It Starts With the Offer
Success in marketing means converting and engaging consumers-and that starts with compelling targeted offers. Our offers are a combination of high value high-value rewards, rebates or discounts from high-quality merchants in sufficient quantity and variety to address the diverse shopping needs and interests of your customer base. Choosing the Cartera platform gets you immediate, integrated access to the largest Offer Cloud™ in the industry, ensuring rapid and continuing success for your card or loyalty program.

Unsurpassed Scale and Customization
Cartera's cloud aggregates hundreds of merchant partners enabling you to choose from offers across the widest possible range of categories. Every Cartera offer is fully funded by a merchant - a testament to the performance we're able to deliver through our Ad Network.

End-to-End Transaction Tracking
With end-to-end tracking & matching built right in, Cartera's platform makes it easy to close the earnings loop for you and your customers. We automatically track all purchases made by your members with participating merchants. Each transaction is scored according to the terms of merchant offers (for example, a $50 purchase might yield 250 miles). Then, we anonymously match qualified purchases back to one of your member accounts. It's all automatic, effortless and secure.

Multiple Currency Redemption
The faster a customer earns cash or rewards, the more likely they are to shop again and use your card more often. Cartera's platform automatically redeems offers by plugging directly into your systems and awarding earnings as cash, points or miles.

Transaction Reporting & Analytics
Cartera's secure, interactive reporting portal is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to our platform clients to monitor program performance. A broad set of reporting and analytics services are leveraged by the Relationship Management team to work with each of our clients to develop insights and determine opportunities for program improvement and optimization.

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